Marriott Rewards: NBA Global Games

Marriott Rewards: NBA Global Games


IMG LIVE worked with Marriott Rewards to promote them as the exclusive hotel of the NBA Global Games and drive buzz around the Global Games taking place in London.


Create socially shareable buzz throughout London, build a dynamic program that leads to a “wow” moment, and integrate Marriott Rewards members into the experience.


Travel through London with a custom-designed double decker bus featuring a mobile court, allowing thousands of NBA fans a chance to be part of the basketball action. Create sweepstakes where winners receive 1M Marriott Rewards points, courtside seats, and take part in a shooting competition with celebrity partners.


• Branded double-decker bus with mobile basketball court
• Marriott Rewards Elite member reception
• Global Marketing team reception 
• MR Décor and gift bags
• Talent appearances from NBA legends, celebrities, athletes and influencers


Celebrity and fan engagement led to huge reach across London, with impressive social media results in particular. On Twitter the program earned 66.1 million estimated impressions and 6,831 mentions, 182,000 likes and 1,435 comments on Instagram, and 85,000 views and 6000 likes on Facebook.